Free Resources for Learning & Improving Tech Skills

Tech is huge field with a constant flow of new information. This page includes my favorite resources for all sorts of topics, within cybersecurity but also extending into some broader parts of tech as well.

Below you’ll find tutorials, conferences, podcasts, books, blogs, and great people to learn from!

Bug Bounties

InsiderPhD- Tutorials about bug hunting. Katie’s twitter is here.


Start with following Ian and Liz on Twitter.

Getting started with Docker tutorial


WeHackPurple, run by Tanya Janca


Alissa Knight- Your go-to gal for hacking cars and API’s. Website here, twitter here, and videos here

Lesley Carhart- DFIR, ICS hacking, and pancakes. Lesley’s got it all. Website here and twitter here


My all-time favorite Linux resource, Linux Journey.

Linux Survival, an interactive way to learn some of the most used Linux commands

Full Linux administration course here


CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Training Course. A complete introduction to networking

CyberInsight, run by John Breth


Bash Guide for Beginners

Common Bash Mistakes

Learn Shell- Interactive lessons for learning languages like Bash, Python, and more

Codecademy- Some free courses to note include JavaScript, Python 2, HTML, and CSS

Dev, a great blog and community of developers.

Giraffe Academy

Learn Python with Finxter.

Learn X in Y Minutes- Learn the basics of any programming language quickly.

The Ladybug Podcast, hosted by Ali Spittel, Kelly Vaughn, and Emma Bostian. Learn about all kinds of tech topics and experiences shared by these awesome women.

Reverse Engineering

Azeria Labs, an RE and exploitation lab by Azeria

RE tutorials by Maddie Stone, a zero-day researcher

Security (general)

The Cyber Mentor, run by Heath Adams

Intro Sec Con- A conference for those starting in infosec

Security Queens. Learn about a variety of infosec topics (including car hacking!) by three lovely women. Their twitter is here.

Day of Shecurity- A one day conference for women and diversity in cybersecurity

Shatkicon- Training and community for women in cybersecurity

TECHKNOWDay- A women in tech conference held twice a year

This blog by John Opdenakker. It includes a variety of infosec topics, including how to make information security more accessible to non-tech professionals.

Uncommon Journey Podcast, hosted by Alyssa Miller, Chloe Messdaghi, and Phillip Wylie. Hear from guests throughout the infosec industry.


My own hand-written guide right here on my blog!

Vim Adventures- An interactive and fun way to learn vim